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Popular Bohol Beach Resorts , Bohol Restaurants, Bohol dive shops all located in the Island of Bohol, Philippines. We include Ratings and special Bohol package deals as well.

Panglao Bohol Resort Chiisai Natsu

chiisai natsu bohol resort
chiisai natsu bohol resort

Chiisai Natsu – Panglao Bohol Resort

Discover the beauty of nature at its best in one of Bohol’s most promising rendezvous Chiisai Natsu Resort Panglao Island Bohol, the newly opened Chiisai Natsu, Little Summer Resort in Panglao Bohol, Owned by a Japanese entrepreneur.
Experience the utmost island escapade beyond the serene skies and pristine ocean breeze underneath the summer ambiance that remained stationary throughout the year. This little summer resort is the ultimate escape for families and corporate groups where premium amenities and pampering services are guaranteed beyond your expectation. Total relaxation and true comfort is a norm throughout your entire island getaway.

Book Direct Online Now!

Chiisai Natsu resort Panglao Island Bohol is likely to be the second place to be called a home, ensuring our guests of an extraordinary and worthwhile stay. Room architecture is simply Filipino, made from native materials such as bamboo, cogon and wood profoundly furnished with both contemporary and endemic conveniences. Each room is fully air-conditioned with hot and cold shower and a private terrace facing the pool. A choice of your own on where you can take your meals either at your private terrace or in our Japanese inspired resto.

Chiisai Natsu offers free transportation service to and from the airport/pier to specific accommodation type. Each accommodation includes a free round trip shuttle service to Alona Beach, about 2 kilometers away from the resort or just a 2-minute drive, where you can enjoy different fun-filled beach activities, sea exploration and other countless recreation beyond the royal blue sea grandly touching the adequately enhanced one and a half kilometers-stretched powdery white sand. Scuba Diving, Jet Skiing, Kayaking and Snorkeling are just some of the activities that you can enjoy at Alona Beach.

Cheap Bohol Tour Packages

Chiisai Natsu Resort Panglao Island Bohol also offers promo packages available for your optimum delight. Either you indulge yourself with the ravishing tourist spots of Bohol such as:Cheap Bohol Tour Packages

  • Blood Compact –  it is the City’s most substantial event of history where the first treaty of friendship between two natives of different races, Sikatuna and Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, sealed off and strengthened their newborn friendship in a form of blood compact.
  • Baclayon Church – the second oldest church in the Philippines made from coral  stone built in the 18th century during the Spanish era where the first missionaries settled in and established Christianity.
  • Loboc River – a long and winding river where you can dine with their numerous selection of tasty native dishes as you cruise along the river on a floating restaurant made from bamboo rafts fully maneuvered by a motorboat that can accommodate up to 20-25 people.
  • Man Made Forest – a 2-kilometer stretched of serried planted Mahogany trees grown orderly and evenly for years along the borders of Loboc and Bilar.
  • Hanging Bridge – a woven bamboo bridge hanged approximately 20 meters across the Loboc river.
  • Tarsier – take some memorabilia with one of the world’s smallest primates.
  • Chocolate Hills – the extraordinary renowned haycock hills made from limestone covered with green grass that turns brown like chocolate during dry season whose shapes are conical and almost symmetrical spreading over a 50 kilometers land area consisting of about 1,776 individual mounds.

Or enfold your day with different water adventures such as:Bohol Tour Packages

  • Snorkeling in Balicasag Island – a 35-minute boat ride from Alona Beach that has 400 meter Marine Sanctuary of healthy corals surrounded by a sandy shell coralline beach and fringed by a narrow reef shelf ideal for snorkeling and diving.
  • Dolphin Watching – a 20-minute outrigger banca ride from the shore of Alona Beach to the dolphins feeding ground wherein 11 types of whales and dolphins inhabit the waters and appear frequently, jumping playfully out the water in threes or more and is best done early after dawn.
  • Virgin Island – a crescent-shaped islet that is submerged under 6 inches of water during low tide with no infrastructure anywhere preserving its peaceful charm.

Chiisai Natsu is located in the southern part of Panglao Island, Bohol Philippines. Approximately 16 kilometers away from Tagbilaran City, a 25-minute drive from the city airport and pier. and

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7 Bohol Popular Events and Festivals, Holiday Celebrations in Bohol

7 Bohol Popular Events and Festivals, Holiday Celebrations in Bohol

7 Exciting Festivals on the Island of Bohol!


As one of the most popular islands within the Philippines Island chain, Bohol is known for its many exciting festivals. With festivals taking place throughout the year, Bohol is a great place for a vacation getaway. Here are just seven of the festivals that are celebrated on the Philippine Island of Bohol. The island itself is easily accessible by air or boat and once you are there you can find various options for navigating the island from a regular taxi to a habal-habal. Whichever festival you are interested it attending one is just the same as you would in any other country and you would need to take our adequate travel cover to ensure you are protected whilst getting about. Of course you would also need all your usual festival baggage and travel accessories.

1.) Ubi Festival:
Taking place during the month of January, the Ubi Festival celebrates the Ubi plant, one of the most popular and prized crops on the island of Bohol. The Ubi plant has the taste and texture of a sweet potato with a bright purple coloring. The plant is so popular that it is used to provide the coloring in the making of halu-halo, the national dessert. The Ubi Festival includes contests, exhibits and seminars to educate the guests about the uses and potential of the Ubi plant. The Ubi festival continues to gain more popularity each year.

2.) Agbunan Festival:

Held on June 28th, the Agbunan Festival celebrates the traditions and culture of the Philippines. The festival is a high-energy event with lots of street-dancing and parades as well as booths with traditional foods. The Agbunan Festival is designed to promote tourism and introduce guests to the exciting lifestyle of the Philippine people. The festival also promotes the agriculture and ecological environment of the island of Bohol.

3.) Pahinungod Festival:
This 10-day festival occurs during the month of May and celebrates the rich ancestry and spiritual heritage of the Island of Bohol. The Festival of Pahinungod pays homage to Saint San Vicente Ferrer as well as city of Calape’s history and traditions. The festival includes concerts, street-dances and daily exhibits and seminars of the islands history. The festival also includes an exciting event known as the “Search for Miss Calape.” The Pahinungod Festival is known for being a very sacred and respected Philippine festival.

4.) Bolibongkingking Festival:
The Bolibongkingking Festival highlights the traditions heritage of the Loboc people on the Island of Bohol. The festival explores the history and folklore of the people through dances and music events. The highlight of the festival is the supplication dance ritual that takes place with the rhythm of gongs and drums among other native instruments at the Statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe. As the 2nd Patron of Loboc, the festival celebrating Our Lady of Guadalupe is a very special event among the Loboc people and a highly anticipated celebration on the Island.

5.) Sandugo Festival Tagbilaran:
sandugo Tagbilaran
Taking place during the entire month of July, the Sandugo Festival celebrates a blood pact that was made between Spanish Explorer Miguel López de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna, Lord of the Bohol Island in 1565. The festival includes plenty of street fairs, dances, sporting events, cultural events and more. There are also plenty of shows, agricultural showcases and even a beauty contest. The Sandugo Festival has plenty of history displays and exhibits to describe what life was like on the island during the 16th century when the blood pact was made as well as a re-enactment of the event.

6.) City Fiesta:
Held annually starting on May 1st, the Tagbilaran City Fiesta is a celebration of Saint Joseph, the patron saint of Tagbilaran City. This fiesta is filled with exciting dances and entertainment as well as stage plays, concerts, pageants and more. The “Mutya sa Tagbilaran” is a famous Philippine beauty pageant on the island of Bohol that the citizens look forward to every year. The festivities actually begin nine days before May 1st, leading up to an exciting day of cultural events and activities. The residents of Tagbilaran City pride themselves in presenting a great fiesta each year for all to enjoy.

7.) Katigbawan Festival:
Taking place the third week of June each year, the Katigbawan Festival celebrates the people of Catigbian on the island of Bohol. Originally envisioned as a way to bring tourism to the area, the Katigbawan Festival has become a celebration of the local traditions and culture. With an emphasis on the areas agricultural methods as well as religious beliefs, the Katigbawan Festival is a great way to learn about the local Catigbian people. The festival also showcases local livestock, arts and crafts and even includes an agro fair.

So there you have it,7 Exciting Festivals on the Island of Bohol! We hope you enjoyed the read and if you did please share this article.

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Resort Information Bohol

A new Bohol Resort Information web site just launched. launched a few days ago.

These websites will provide Travelers looking for more information about Bohol Philippines, what to do, where to stay and other information that’s vital to first time travelers.
bohol-philippines info
Along with websites like:

We are hoping this Bohol information covering subjects like Panglao Island, Alona Beach Bars, Alona Beach Hotels, Alona Beach resorts, Alona Beach Scuba Diving, Bohol Beach Resorts, Bohol Hotels, Bohol INN, Bohol Photography, Bohol Resorts, Bohol Scuba Diving, Bohol Scuba Diving Resorts, Bohol Services, Bohol Tours, Bohol Videos, Daus Beach Resorts, Motorcycle Rentals, Panglao Beach Resorts, Panglao Hotels, Panglao Island Resorts, Restaurants, Tagbilaran Bohol and all about Tagbilaran City Hotels, will provide you with a great introduction to the wonderful island of Bohol Philippines
We hope you enjoy your stay here and Mabuhi Philippines.

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Earthquake Relief Efforts Bohol Philippines

Bohol, Philippines – IDEA Joins in the Earthquake Relief Efforts

Bohol Island Devastated by Killer Quake


We recommend clicking here to get the latest earthquake information (Updated Hourly)

In less than one minutes on October 15th, the quaint tropical island of Bohol was set back 20 years in development by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake and the subsequent 1000 plus aftershocks. The toppling of homes, stores, schools, hospitals, and 500 year old churches were only a foreshadowing of the realities of the long term effects of loss of communications, water, power, and passable roads. Even knowing the death toll is impossible because many communities are totally cut off. Thousands of people have lost their homes, schools have been rendered unusable, as well as many hospitals and government buildings.

IDEA has been serving on Bohol for over 30 years and immediately began assisting those in need after the quake from food to temporary shelters.

IDEA has deaf schools in the two worst hit towns on the island. Both Sagbayan and Loon towns have been terribly impacted. Our first priority is to care for the kids, teachers, and dorm parents. As our dormitories have been badly damaged, we need to repair or reconstructed them. This is also true with classrooms. Extra measures are needed to get food and water to these schools as supply routes are almost totally destroyed in some areas. Funds are greatly needed to accomplish these tasks.

We are so fortunate to be able to initially field 35 well-trained deaf men who are experts in construction. Our goal is to: make building materials available to those who have lost everything. Within four weeks we will add to our core group of deaf men and have three construction teams permanently set up in the worst hit areas producing hollow block for rebuilding. We will also be cutting dimensional coconut lumber to be used to put up light material structures. With the use of generators, compressors, and nail guns, we will be able to quickly assist many families in achieving basic shelter. We need funds to support our deaf construction crews and the required equipment as well as pay for the basic construction materials.


Earth Quake Donations

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Bohol the NEW Boracay

Look no farther than a Bohol discount vacation instead of your next (expensive) Boracay vacation in 2013

Boracay or Bohol….you decide…here are the pros and cons of both vacation destinations

The island of bohol is becoming more and more popular every year. With many more attractions than Boracay (way more), its easy to see why more and more tourists are flocking To Bohol Philippines rather than Boracay each year. Exploring the islands of Bohol and Boracay may yield some surprising results.

chocolate hills bohol Philippines
Chocolate Hills Bohol Philippines

The friendliness of Boholanos are second to none when it comes to hospitality.


I have had the pleasure of visiting Boracay island (a little difficult to get to as Boracay doesn’t have an airport yet) the place seemed over priced and a little bit too crowded for me. The beaches are nice but i noticed the people there are not so friendly like they are in Bohol, and i have traveled the Island of Bohol as well.


– This is the 10th largest island in the Philippines immediately grabbed my attention the moment i stepped off the plane.
My guide was waiting at the Tagbilaran Airport to greet me with open arms and show me around the Island of Bohol. I quickly realized after driving down the smooth roads of Tagbilaran and traveling to Panglao Island where the resort was located on near Alona Beach, Bohol was the place to travel to in the Philippines due to its beauty and cleanliness, little traffic and breathtaking scenery but best of all LOTS TO DO AND SEE. If you have visited any other islands in the Philippines you will know pollution is a big issue here. But not in Bohol. This Island was Clean…and not only the water but the air quality and city as well.

boracay philippines
boracay Philippines

I also noticed the quality of the roads were far exceeding anything i have witnessed in the Philippines. A smooth ride to the resort with NEW concrete roads that were a pleasure to cruse down. Motorcycle enthusiasts also flock to Bohol as the Famous Bohol Bikers always have a ride scheduled for tours around the island with the club members. The tours around Bohol are highly recommended using a van or bus if you have many people in your group but then you may decide to “Rough It” and go it alone on a brand new motorcycle curtsey of Bohol Island Rentals.

For those who want a first class tour of Bohol, or recommendation for bohol tours is Samantha Tours…you can choose from many different travel and tour deals including accommodations and flight arrangements. Samantha Tours has been providing 1st class tours for over 12 years and have the best itineraries around. Don’t miss out of discount travel and tours deals…
Check out Samantha Travel and Tours Click here.

Motorcycle Rentals in Bohol

Diamond Bohol Island Motorcycle Rentals is the best! They rent out clean reliable motor cycles that wont leave you STUCK in the wrong place.
They will also deliver that shiny new motorcycle to your resort or hotel anywhere in the Island of bohol..some charge for delivery may apply.

All in all Bohol has what it takes to please even the most adventuress tourist and keep the coming back time and time again…
The websites below are up to provide you with the best that Bohol has to offer and more tourist spots than a dog has fleas…
If you decide to visit here in Bohol Philippines, you wont be disappointed.

Mabuhi Bohol Philippines – (Welcome To Bohol Philippines)

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8 of the Best Family Resorts in Bohol

Get the Latest Scoop on 8 of the Best Family Resorts in Bohol

8 of the Best Family Resorts in Bohol
Traveling with the family to Bohol involves several challenges. First off, people tend to look for resorts or hotels that offer superior style and comfort at the lowest price possible. You need to choose accommodations and tours that will not only please your wife or husband but also your kids equally.
Here we are going to list out 8 resorts in Bohol that we think families around the world would enjoy for their stay when traveling to Bohol, Philippines.

Linaw Beach Resort:

Linaw Beach ResortIf you enjoy being in the midst of nature having a peaceful time with your family and loved ones, Linaw Beach Resort of Panglao Island is a perfect get away for you. Your kids are sure to love the exquisite cuisine served at the famous Pearl Restaurant. Also the superior service is sure to make you feel right at home. The greatest asset is the nature, friendly location and extreme seclusion from the world around. Your family can also enjoy the free games and entertainment facility offered to their guests. Click here for more info on Linaw Beach Resort

Lost Horizon Beach Resort:

Lost Horizon Beach and RestaurantThis amazing beach resort is a perfect get away from the busy city live with the family. Lost Horizon Beach Resort has all the facilities that a family would possible need for a great Bohol holiday. Accommodations include clean rooms and very plush beds. You can enjoy diving, snorkeling and dinner on the beach with your family. The rates are VERY affordable and the tour packages offer complete value for the money. You cant go wrong with this quaint beach resort! Click Here for more info on Lost Horizon Beach Resort

Coco Mango’s Place Resort:

Coco Mangos Place Resort Bohol
Families that are traveling on a tight budget that want a family run resort than this is the place for you! Very affordable accommodations with the customer service you would expect from a high price resort. Coco Mango’s Place Resort is an ideal place for traveling families that want great service accompanied by low prices. They have superior facilities that make your holiday completely worthwhile while enjoying your vacation in Bohol. Best time to visit the resort is in summer so that you can enjoy a multitude of activities with your family and loved ones. Click Here for more info on Coco Mango’s Resort

Seaside Beach Resort in Dimiao:

seaside beach resort boholThis out of the way Bohol Island resort is a great place to take your family. Kids can enjoy many different activities like inter-tubing, snorkeling and island hopping. Seaside always has interesting events and activities that amuse the little ones. Women can enjoy pedicures, manicures and the men can enjoy relaxing massages and get thoroughly rejuvenated. Its a place where you will truly interact with the locals in a safe, fun environment. Click here for more info on Seaside Beach Resort

Villa Belza Resort:

villa belza resort bohol
On your visit to Bohol, you can plan to reside in the Villa Belza Resort with your family. The resort boasts of a massive pool and lovely ambiance. You can enjoy guided tours and tranquil ambiance with your family if you reside in this resort. Children will surely enjoy the unique experience. Click here for more info on Villa Belza Resort

Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant:

Dao Diamond Hotel Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant is run by the deaf people of Bohol. The Dao Diamond Hotel holds a wonderful tropical surprise for you. Recently remodeled and upgraded, it now has a Polynesian theme and offers first class accommodations for very reasonable prices. You get luxury on a budget. The friendly staff are eager to meet your needs. Because the hotel is owned and operated by a charity called IDEA, many of the staff are deaf and graduates from the very schools that the hotel supports. This beautiful Hotel is located on the edge of Tagbilaran City away from the hustle and bustle of downtown. You will get a good night’s sleep in their extra clean rooms. Click here for more info on Dao Diamond Hotel and Restaurant Bohol

Lost Horizon Annex Dive Resort:

Lost-Horizon-Annex-Panglao-Bohol-PhilippinesThis resort offers luxury and value at its best. It is located 500 meters from the famous Alona Beach but has all the luxuries that a family may need. The ambiance is splendid. They serve up a tempting cuisine at their restaurant and a large pool with a waterfall and jacuzzi that will make your holiday here in bohol thoroughly enjoyable. Click here for more info on Lost Horizon Annex Dive Resort

Sun Apartelle Resort:

Sun Apartelle ResortSun Apartelle Resort with dive shop is a great place to take the entire family on your next vacation! The unique construction of the rooms and underground sunken pool will surely draw your attention. They have great dining, full liqueur bar with food and drinks to suit any taste. They also have plenty of room for your kids to go wild. Enjoy the uniqueness of the fabulous resort in Panglao Island just a 5 min walk to the Famous Alona Beach. Click here for more info on Sun Apartelle Resort

So there you have it! 8 Great Places to stay on your next Bohol Vacation! We hope you enjoy your stay here in Bohol with the entire family!

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Loboc Bohol’s Capital of Arts Music and Pre-Hispanic Culture

Think of floating restaurants and invigorating short cruises—you are definitely guessing right about Loboc. The town’s extraordinary cruise crosses the scenic Loboc river and stops at Busay Falls while native bands and folklore dancers perform in boat restaurants.
Loboc River Cruise Bohol-018
Loboc, an inland village 24 kilometers away from Tagbilaran’s east, is the heart of barter industry even before the Spaniards came. The village being one of Bohol’s oldest town was known to be the major market point where goods from the sea were bartered for upland’s agricultural produce. When Jesuit Missionaries turned to transfer most of their missionary activities in the village, the construction of schools and churches influenced a total change in the community’s landscape structure. Loboc’s historical influences can be seen among old churches such as the three-story Saint Peter the Apostle Parish built with murals and museum.

Loboc is also famous for being the music capital where globally known Loboc Children Choir is based. To witness the children’s enchanting voice singing rehearsals, you need to set up a schedule because of their growing demands from tourists.

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Bohol Tours – Bohol Travel and Tours Packages

NEW 2014 BOHOL TRAVEL and TOURS PACKAGES PROMO – Book now for next year!

Bohol Philippines Travel, Tours and Packages(Valid 2014 to 2015)

Standard Rm for Php 1,600 only

Deluxe Rm for Php1,900 only

Good for 2 persons & WITH FREE BREAKFAST!!!

bohol tours and tour packages
Bohol tours and tour packages

.*minimum of 2 nights accommodation to avail this promo*

HURRY!!! Reservation is until December 31, 2014 only

**not applicable on January 1 & 2 and January 22 to 29, 2014***


Countryside tour and Island Hopping Package( 3 days/2nights Bohol Adventure with daily breakfast, airport transfer, Countryside Tour and Island Hopping for Php10,160 only)

Php10,160 ONLY good for 2 persons!


3-Days/2-Nights stay at Chiisai Natsu Resort

country-side tour where you will visit the world-famous Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River Cruise, Hanging Bridge, Baclayon Church and much more

Dolphin Watching/Island hopping

All entrance fees for attractions included

Countryside tour Package( 3 days/2nights Bohol Adventure with daily breakfast, airport transfer and Countryside Tour for Php7,860only)

Php7,860 ONLY good for 2 persons!

**Bohol Tour Packages valid for January 2014 to March 2014**


3-Days/2-Nights stay at Chiisai Natsu Resort

country-side tour where you will visit the world-famous Chocolate Hills, the Tarsier Sanctuary, Loboc River Cruise, Hanging Bridge, Baclayon Church and much more

All entrance fees for attractions included



You may also want to check Samantha Tours in Bohol for more discounts on Bohol tour and travel packages

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All the Best Resorts & Hotels in Bohol from around the web

We aggregate information about all of the best resorts and hotels in Bohol from around the web here at info Bohol.

We are not nuts about Bohol, We are just huge fans

Bohol is an island jam-packed with great resorts, but the question is: ‘Which resorts or hotels are the best in Bohol?’

The answer? Compare the following things: facilities, location, staff service, spas, privacy and decor and most of all reviews!
Also take into account as well from restaurants to wine lists, celebrity count and even the branding of the hotel or resort.
Of course we have spent many weekends in each hotel listed on this website for research purposes before deciding on this list…

We have stayed at all of these hotels listed on this website, so we do know what we’re talking about!

Find the Best Resorts In Bohol! The best bohol beach resorts and the Best Resorts in Bohol!

Wondering which Bohol hotels are the Best Hotels? Find the Best Places To Stay in Bohol!

Find great Discounts on your favorite Beach Resort, bohol hotel or Bohol INN!
Bohol Philippines is the place to visit on your next Philippines vacation!
With so many Bohol resorts and Famous Bohol tour destinations, Bohol offers Beach front resorts on Alona Beach and Alona Hotels as well.

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Finding your next Dream Destination: IN BOHOL

Finding your next Dream Destination is a difficult decision for all of us! ITS BETTER IN BOHOL

Searching for that “Perfect Place To Vacation”…let us make a suggestion…SPEND YOUR NEXT DREAM VACATION IN BOHOL!

Welcome to your next dream vacation destination! Saving up all year for a vacation that falls short of your expectations would be a tragedy! offers a look into some of the most popular Hotels, Resorts and places to eat and tours to tingle your senses and enlighten your prospective on Bohol’s lovely long white sand shores and diverse tourist attractions!

Folks come from thousands of miles away to enjoy the peaceful and friendly, tranquility of Bohol.
Weather your a traveler looking for adventure or a group who simply want to unwind or a family vacation experiance that will have you and your friends talking for years to come. we have you covered!
Enjoy your next next Dream Vacation in the Philippines with us here in Bohol.
When arriving in Bohol you will be greeted with a “Small Island” Warm welcome that Boholanos are famous for. Bohol is often referred as the “Friendliest Place in the Philippines” and for good reason. The culture of Bohol thrives on “Provence People” that welcome all guests here!

Most of the resorts found here have staff that are well trained in HRM (Hotel and Restaurant Management) and are naturally attentive to your every need.
Linaw Beach Resort Beach BBQ

Booking is easy with! we have done all the hard work for you insuring you have a great stay in Bohol by offering first hand REAL reviews FROM REAL PEOPLE and recommended hotels and resorts through out Bohol, Philippines.
Fore more information about Bohol, Philippines Hotels, Resorts, Tours or Motorcycle Rentals, please feel free to comment below or Contact Us.

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Avoid Tourist Scams and Rip-Offs while in Bohol

Your guide to avoiding scams while visiting Bohol!

While visiting Bohol there are a few scams that seem to pop up from time to time. Here is ways to avoid them!
Just keep in mind, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

Bohol Transportation Scams

Taxi, Tricycle Drivers, tour guides and local Drivers taking you to your desired destination might try every trick in the book, from asking you for extra money for a fare to driving to offering cheaper accommodations or motorcycle rentals. Yes its a pain in the but, but there are was to handle it while visiting here. The best way is to know the prices for the different destinations beforehand that way your savoy about what the price should be and spot a scammer. Another tip is always agree on a price before you get the ride and don’t pay until you get where you need to be.

Tricycle Costs – Bohol

The major mode of transport in Tagbilaran City and other places in Bohol is the tricycle, a small cab powered by a motorcycle that can accommodate up to 3 passengers. Tricycles are usually limited only to the city or town where they are licensed to operate, but in some cases they can take you to neighboring towns. The normal rate for tricycles in Tagbilaran City is 7 pesos per kilometer. so getting around Tagbilaran City shouldn’t cost you more than 50 PHP. Some will ask for up to 500PHP This is a scammer and should be avoided (Walk away) there are lots of honest tricycle drivers, you just have to find one.

Bohol Transport Vans or (V-Hire)

If you have a large group or a family, its best to arrange transport before you arrive so you don’t have to deal with the drivers who are outside the seaport/airport offering their services for inflated prices. Its usually between 250 PHP – 600 PHP for transport van or (VHire) to alona beach from the seaport/airport.

Bohol Motorcycle rental scam

When renting a scooter to scoot around the Bohol countryside it can quickly turn into a nightmare when the bike you’re riding is either stolen (Yes they will sometimes rent stolen motorcycles to visitors) outdated registration, breaks down or you have an accident.

Pulled over by the police?
If you get pulled over driving a stolen (yes you will run into stolen motorcycles being rented here) or illegally registered motorcycle in Bohol this could turn into a nightmare and some jail time. Make sure you get up-to date contracts and paperwork that matches the owners name before you rent a motorcycle here.

If its an accident your in: The owner of the motorcycle will then take you and his damaged bike to their scammer repair shop, where the mechanic makes a big number estimate of the damage.
The owner then will insist you cover the cost for the repairs. So You shell out a ton of cash to cover the costs of the (already damaged bike).
More than likely, you’ve just given them more cash than they would make in a month.

If you need a reliable motorcycle rental place we also recommend you use Dimaond Motorcycle Rentals from

Remember, while renting a motorcycle, the rules of the road dont apply here. Its totally different than what you used to at home. So be careful driving and LOOK OUT FOR DOGS Running across the street here in Bohol! Avoid driving at night!
In conclusion: You will have a lot more fun here if you just follow these simple “don’t get scammed while visiting Bohol” guidelines.

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A Guide to Loboc Bohol Philippines

Loboc Bohol Philippines – The Capital of Arts, Music and Pre-Hispanic Culture

This is your Guide to Loboc Bohol Philippines

Loboc River Bohol Philippines
Loboc River Bohol Philippines

When you think of Loboc, Think of floating restaurants and invigorating short cruises, tarsier, lemurs, lorises, and monkeys you have never seen before! You are definitely guessing right about Loboc Bohol. The town’s extraordinary culture and unique Filipino cruise crosses the scenic Loboc river and stops at Busay Falls while native bands and folklore dancers perform in floating restaurants.

Loboc, an inland village 24 kilometers away from Tagbilaran’s east, is the heart of barter industry even before the Spaniards came. The village being one of Bohol’s oldest town was known to be the major market point where goods from the sea were bartered for upland’s agricultural produce. When Jesuit Missionaries turned to transfer most of their missionary activities in the village, the construction of schools and churches influenced a total change in the community’s landscape structure. Loboc’s historical influences can be seen among old churches such as the three-story Saint Peter the Apostle Parish built with murals and museum.

loboc music
loboc music

Loboc is also famous for being the music capital where globally known Loboc Children Choir is based. To witness the children’s enchanting voice singing rehearsals, you need to set up a schedule because of their growing demands from tourists.

Looking for great tours of Loboc? Check out Samantha Tours Bohol! They are the best at Bohol Tours!
Please leave your comments below if you found this helpful!

here is a Map Of Loboc, Bohol

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Discovering Cabilao Island, Loon, Bohol

Discovering Loon’s Pride—Rich Heritage and Admirable Natural Resources Cabilao Island, Loon, Bohol

Cabilao Island of Loon
Loon, a progressive municipality, is popularly known as Bohol’s nest of soul soothing attraction for tourists.
The town keeps old churches built as old as around 150 years old and untapped eco-cultural places. “Loon” name was locally derived from a water spring called “Tubig-Loon” that flows through underneath boulders of town’s Napo village. Water from springs meets the town’s blue water nurturing wide variety of marine and terrestrial species.
Other water landmarks most visited in the municipality are the Cabilao Island Lake where surrounding bamboo huts let you enjoy bird watching, Cabacongan Fish Sanctuary that protects all marine habitants in the area, and the footprint shaped lake called Green Footprint Lagoon, all found in Cabilao Island of Loon.

Loon town also shows off one of its heritage church structures called Nuestra Senora de la Luz, that was granted the title “The Crowning Glory of Recollect Architecture” in 2010. Historical places also worth visiting are Spanish regime constructed Mortuary Chapel, Spanish Colonial Cemetery which stands since the 1800’s, ancestral Ferrando and Messina houses, town’s public plaza, Grotto, and pilgrimage Big Cross site.

Map Of Cabilao Island, Loon, Bohol

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The Best of Alona – A White Beach Experience

We offer The Best of Alona Beach where your sure to enjoy A White Beach Experience

The Best of Alona - A White Beach Experience
Panglao Island of Bohol is a haven for white beach seekers. Among Bohol’s diverse coastlines, Alona beach (Panglao Island) which stretches one and a half kilometers of the island seems to be garnering popularity from tourists. Besides soaking under the sun and sunset watching, the beach generously suggests tons of things to do with varied establishments and resorts built within the area.

If you’re into water sports or recreational sports, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the snorkeling sites with colorful reefs housing thousands of exotic fish species. You can either bring own snorkeling accessories or rent snorkel equipment from the local dive shops cheap. For starters, most diving schools are located close to the beach and are available to help you get started with diving or snorkeling.

With several diverse resorts to choose from, tour packages are available to match your Bohol budget trip. Eating out in restaurants here, you will be happy to know, those looking to explore locally prepared cuisines will find some of the best food here. Your vacation isn’t over! At night, the beach is all lit up and teaming with places to be entertained by various open bars, live music and friendly people ready to serve you, the tourists.
Its Better In Bohol!

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