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Our Lady of Assumption Church – Dauis Bohol

Our Lady of Assumption Church in Dauis, a must see when touring Bohol!

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption in Dauis, on the Island of Panglao, Bohol, Philippines. Is a great place to start sightseeing in Bohol.
While in Bohol, see this 300 year old Church and marvel at its beauty. The Church was built in 1769 and is said to contain a HEALING well which is only a few meters from the sea, you can drink the water, its fresh.

The water in the well is supposed to have healing powers, so, if you’re visiting Our Lady of Assumption Church, don’t forget
to bring a bottle and take some home with you.
You can get there by the Vano bridge that connects Panglao with Bohol leading to Alona Beach.

Contact Travel and Tour Bohol for more information on including this destination to your Bohol Tour agenda.

Photo Gallery of Our Lady of Assumption Church in Dauis Bohol.

Map to Our Lady of Assumption Church in Dauis, Bohol.

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Chocolate Hills in Carmen

Carmen Town — The House of World’s Known Wonders, Chocolate Hills

If you plan on visiting here in Bohol, you will want to make it a point to stop and see the famous Chocolate Hills.
Philippines is a pacific bound collection of islands bountiful of natural treasures. Among those tourist spots known widely, Chocolate Hills earned admiration from tourist packers. The exhibit of estimated 1,260 hills located in town of Carmen, Bohol can be viewed better by climbing through stairs mounted on the hills.
The geological stunning brown coloration of hill surfaces is due to grass covers that change into a brown color when dry season comes.

The Municipality of Carmen is centrally situated within the island of Bohol.
The town, with its tourism demands, established a government owned Chocolate Hills Complex where hotels and restaurants can accommodate visitors.
Besides the popular Chocolate Hills, the town also prides itself in showing off other tourist spots such as the water attraction of Bansahan Springs in Barangay La Paz; the stalagmites formation in Kokok Cave in Barangay Montivideo; the historical Nueva Vida Norte Cave that used to be a refugee campsite for locals during Japanese regime; and the enticing mountainous side of Montesunting mini-forest.
If your a traveler and want to visit Bohol, Below is a search box to find Cheap Flights To Bohol, From manila or Cebu, Mactan Airport. Just a 1 hr and 45 min ferry ride will bring you here fast!

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The Mag-aso waterfalls in Antequera, Bohol, Philippines

Welcome to The Mag-aso falls in Antequera, Bohol, Philippines.

Every year over 2,000 visitors travel here to view the Mag-aso waterfalls in Antequera, Bohol and other popular waterfalls in Bohol. These large waterfalls attract many species of animals as well as providing a beautiful picturesque place to relax and unwind in a pool of healthy natural mineral rich water.

The falls are one of the major tour attractions here in Bohol, Philippines.
Mag-aso falls-bohol-philippines
Mag-aso falls a great place to visit when in Bohol and is usually not crowded as its presence is still not covered by most of the Bohol tour itineraries.

This particular waterfall is 25-feet tall cascading into a large pool at the bottom.
About 20 kilometers from Tagbilaran City, It is about 30 minutes by car or motorcycle from the city and should provide a cool relaxing, scenic drive to the destination.

Mag-aso falls offers concrete tables and chairs at a small fee. Lifejackets and lifesavers are for rent for P50.
This is a must see tour to ad to your itinerary of Exciting bohol tours.

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Bohol Ecotourism Destinations – The Best Ecotourism Destinations in Bohol Listed here

Come enjoy Bohol EcoTourism Destinations on your next Bohol vacation. Here is a list of The Best Eco-Tourism Destinations in Bohol.
Bohol Tourism is a pillar of the country’s economic development and growth. Bohol holds some of the best EcoTourism Destinations in the world.

U. S. national Greg Ringer, Ph. D., a top caliber resource person of the one-day seminar dubbed, “Ecotourism. It’s more Fun in the Philippines.” The Embassy of the United States and the Department of Tourism (DOT) jointly sponsored the seminar held at Soledad Suites in this city Friday (July 13, 2012).

Below is our list of Eco-Tourism Destinations here in the province of Bohol.

#1:Chocolate Hills
#2:Scuba Diving
#3:Tarsier conservation
#4:Balicasag Island
#5:Pamilacan Island
#6:Danao Eco-Adventure Tour
#7:Cave Trekking
#9:Dolphin Watching

Watch this great Ecotourism video about Bohol


For These Bohol Tour Bookings & Reservations or Special Quotation Requirement:

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Samantha Tours offers Eco-friendly Tours around Bohol, Contact them for more information on signing up for these great Bohol, Philippines Eco-tours.
Please Contact Virgie or Dexter Declaro
Rizal Street, Cogon District, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines
Mobile No: 09081725373 or 09098140525
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A Quick Tour of Bohol – The Best Tourism Spots

BoholIf you are looking for a bit of refreshment and have not found any yet, Bohol province can be the right place for you. The Island is quite alluring for the people working days and nights in the office and haven’t gone out on a holiday trip for a long time.
No tourist can resist the charm the white sand of the beaches and the longing to dip one’s toes into the sky blue water washing the banks constantly. Here is a quick tour to the historical buildings and commercial establishment of the place you want to take before you actually land on the island and enjoy your holiday.

Amazing Historical Spots You Would Love to Visit:nature-tours-bohol-007
Well, one should not forget to get around the places like Chocolate hills, Blood compact site, President Carlos P. Garcia memorial park, behind the cloud, and Punta Cruz. Chocolate hills one of the most charming places. It is formed by the 1268 cone shaped hills hidden in the greenery. This place is said to turn brown in the extreme sun. The effect is created by the green grass that alters its color in a very high temperature. One of the places Mount Carmel keeps drawing thousands of visitors because of its historical value. The tower there is said to be made up of the limestone and adobe from a church. As the locals say, the tower was damaged when Boholanos revolted against Spaniards warriors. There are a lot of stories woven around the places and travel with you to all the places you will be.

Beautiful Beaches:img_2659
Amongst all the beaches over there, Alona beach is the most attractive place to be there. Other names quite popular in the public are these: Bikini beach; Mamo beach; Dumaluan beach. These are some of the most enticing white sand beaches for all sorts of water sports as well.
You would thank God for the shops all around. You can order what you want from the long line of tiny shops that almost encircles the white sand beaches.

Outstanding Restaurants and Food:
One can enjoy the world class resorts and restaurants out there for the tourist from across the world. Some other beaches are famous among the tourist for the great seashells they have got.Aussie Steaks Alona Beach Panglao Island BoholThe place attracts so big crowd of the tourists every year, the business owners have paid special attention to the kind of food they can provide to the visitors. There is a long list of restaurants that serve sumptuous food to the travelers. If you ever happen to like the grilled seafood, that is all over the place there. More particularly, one can go to the Garry’s Grill at BQ MALL.

Those who have a great craving for the international beverages, can go down to Brew point coffee club.

With so much in the store for the visitors, Bohol is certainly one of the world’s top vacation place to be. Avoid too much of hassles by reserving the tickets in advance. A little planning can enhance your experience at the summer vacation site. Apply for VISA to Ukba (Ukba is UK Border Agency Guide).

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Must Do Travel List in Dauis Town Bohol

Looking for a Must Do Travel List in Dauis Town, Bohol?

Dauis Bohol
Dauis, a municipal of Panglao Island, is one of the must see towns in Bohol. The town prides on its skillful craft products and natural tourism resources. Connecting the town to Tagbilaran City is the Songculan Riverside Bridge which is a favorite spot for most tourists engaged in travel photography. The timber made bridge surrounded by a fascinating lagoon landscape, is a product of Boholonians labor under the leadership of Spaniards.

Numerous resorts are established, both for cost saving and high class accommodations, keeping you close to the relaxing view of the beach. Popular resort choices for expats are Olman’s View Resort and Island Nature Resort and Spa. Depending on your list-to-do, different beaches situated in Barangays give the kind of getaway you’ve always wanted. Bikini Beach in Barangay Biking showcases the varied coral fish in magnificent colors; Bingag Beach in Barangay Bingag opens its coast to water sports enthusiasts; and Dao Beach of Barangay Dao serves tourists a calm atmosphere from white sand and flourished tropical setting.

While there are too many tourism spots to explore in Dauis, planning out before the trip is recommended to make the most of your Bohol vacation.

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Baclayon Bohol – A Monumental Relic of Bohol’s History

-Baclayon is A Monumental Relic of Bohol’s History

Baclayon Church
The community of Baclayon in Bohol marks as one of the most spectacular tourist places for avid visitors of historical relics.The town was the first municipal built by Spaniards which was later on preserved to maintain old structural churches and houses. In 1995, Baclayon’s most visited Catholic Church was recognized as National Historic Treasure for its Spanish inspired architectural form. Over 67 ancestral houses are lined up at Baclayon’s main road, featuring different Spanish colonial craftmanships. The Association of Baclayon Ancestral Homes organized by the house owners agreed to help out the town’s tourism industry by allowing tourist guests to stay in their homes.

Another amazing display you should watch out for in Baclayon is the entertaining dolphin show at Pamilacan Island. If you’re anywhere nearby beaches, a pick up can be arranged with fishermen crews who operate the dolphin watching. Be ready to take an early morning trip since these aquatic mammals are often visible before sunrise to hunt for food. After a grand early treat, you can walk around the island to feast on freshly prepared seafood delicacies.

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Best Beaches In Bohol

Here is our list of 5 great beaches to visit when in Bohol.

Where are The best beaches in Bohol? From snorkeling, swimming, coral to sandy white beaches, you are bound to find a perfect place for your sunny Bohol beach holiday.

#1 Beach In Bohol – Alona Beach

Alona beach panglao island bohol
Alona Beach Is about the most famous beach in Bohol. Alona Beach is a small stretch of whits sand beach and resorts galore, a small paradise on Panglao Island, Bohol in the Philippines. It is quickly becoming one of the top travel destinations in the country with over 75 beach restaurants to choose from and tons of live entertainment at night followed by plenty of dive shops as well.

#2 Beach In Bohol – Bikini Beach

bikini beach in bohol
Come Splish and Splash at Bikini Beach in Bohol. A very secluded small stretch of beach that not many know about.

#3 Beach In Bohol – Pamilacan island beach

pamilacan island beach bohol
pamilacan island beach is an must to visit for beach lovers, very secluded beach just a 15-20 minute boat ride from Alona Beach, defiantly worth checking out.

#4 Beach In Bohol – Dumaluan Beach

Dumaluan Beach
Dumaluan Beach Resort offers guests a variety of fun outdoor activities to choose from like jet skis, para-sailing boat cruising and more.

#5 Beach In Bohol – Seaside Beach

Seaside Beach
The beach at seaside is great! Is a little bit of a drive from Tagbilaran City but well worth the 45 min trip.
They have huts for rent there, inter-tube rentals and great karaoke. They also offer boat tours as well.

So in Conclusion:
Here are our top five picks for bohol beaches. Please comment below if you know some more to ad to the list.

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