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Advertise Your Resort Or Hotel Bohol

Our goal is to get you bookings by linking the advertising pages on our long list of Bohol Resorts and Hotels Related web sites to your Bohol hotel or resort web site so customers can book direct through your Bohol resort or hotel, saving you money.
Showcase and Advertise Your Bohol Resort or Hotel Bohol simply by adding your website to one of our many Bohol Related websites.

Introducing the best value advertising for Bohol hotels, Bohol apartment rentals, Bohol villas and guest houses on the web for resorts and hotels in Bohol.

Look at what you will get for only PHP 10,000 per year: Thats PHP 833 per month!

You will receive a full page listing for your resort or hotel with Photo Galleries, descriptions, and links back to you web site on the following web sites about Bohol travel, Hotels, Tours and MORE! This list just keeps growing as we develop more websites monthly for our advertisers.

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* A complete, exclusively designed web page to promote your establishment.
* Unlimited text on your “Deluxe” page entry.
* Full color photographs to show off your hotel or resort.
* Full display of your complete contact details including location Google Map, address, phone, fax and email.
* Free link to your own web page from your “Deluxe” web page entry.
* Free updates to your web page advertisement whenever they are needed.
* Free priority listing on our Bohol Information websites and search results including a link to your “Deluxe” ad page.
* Free “Standard” entry page (worth 10,000 PHP Per Year) featuring all of your prices, facilities and ratings in an easy to read format together with a link back to your website to allow guests to book direct to your resort or hotel saving you allot of money on commissions to travel agencies.
* 24 hour availability of your advertisement, 365 days a year.
* Instant addition to our Bohol Related Web Sites listings so you will start getting traffic and bookings almost immediately.
* Free link to your online booking system, if desired.

If your interested in advertising with us, contact us below.
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Stop paying Huge Commissions to Travel Agencies

Dear Resort or Hotel Owner,
Save Money
Social Networks are the most important sources of customers worldwide and it’s crucial to take advantage of it before your competition does.
Our main goal here is to help businesses and companies to manage their online image thanks to Social media, Customer’s feedback & any information/article published online.
This is the definition of an effective Web Marketing strategy will enable you to :

=> Increase your Direct sales and decrease the commission you pay to Online Travel Agencies
=> Develop your sales & increase your Turnover.
=> Reduce your costs linked to Marketing, communication and to your work force.
=> Important Gain of Time.
=> Diversify your Distribution Channels.
=> Control your Image & increase your Notoriety.
=> Offer Search Engines better SEO.
=> better knowledge of your Customers and of their needs and wants
=> Diversify your customer database & Increase their Loyalty.
=> Facilitate the Recruiting processes for employment

90% of customers are interested by a hotel or resorts reputation and check their customer’s feedback and social networks before a booking.
It becomes crucial to control your online image to succeed. We can help you in these processes.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any additional information on saving money by direct bookings through your website and reputation management on social networks.

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